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Size and performance:  Women speak out!

When my editor asked me to write an article about how women feel about penis size, my immediate smart-aleck response was that the assignment would be done in just four words:  the bigger the better.   Realistically, though, that’s just not good journalism – for one thing, it’s my own biased opinion, and for another, even with a lot of personal experience, I probably haven’t sampled a large enough segment of the male population to consider myself an expert. 

I decided to conduct a panel discussion with a group of women, and get opinions and thoughts right from the source.  While my research did unearth some surprises, for instance, that there are women for whom size truly doesn’t matter, I found my thesis mostly validated.  However, the comments revealed that this is a more complex issue than the usual big vs. small debate.

Ten women were invited to participate. I explained that they would have to be completely honest and detailed, perhaps even graphic, with their comments, but their privacy would be 100% protected.  With these ground rules established, seven of the women agreed to “tell all” and take part in the article. Our participants were:
Iliana, 25
Meghann, 34
Elaine, 50
Sue, 48
Cecilia, 28
Caryn, 31
Jessica, 22

The transcript of the discussion follows:

Later I’ll ask more specifics about the why and how, but let’s start with the basic question we need to answer today:  Does size matter?

Iliana: I’d say it matters not just because of how it feels to me, but also because just seeing a bigger cock turns me on a lot more.

Jessica:  (laughs) Yeah, like if a guy is very little, I’m like “Eeeeuuu.” 

Sue:  That is so mean. You really reject someone because they’re too small?  You mean you would find that to be repulsive or something?

Jessica: Uhhhh, YEAH.

Caryn:  I agree with Jessica.  It’s just icky if he’s completely tiny.

Iliana:  Oh, yeah – especially if it’s the pencil-dick thing.  Really skinny.  I really hate that.

Meghann:  Wait, I’m not so sure about that.  Different sizes just create different sensations.  I like them all.

Elaine:  I would have to say, hell, yeah, size matters.  My first husband was pretty small, and that seemed OK for a long time.  Now that I’m dating again, I have seen more of what I was missing. On the other hand, I’m finding that most guys are in the average range, right?  So 6 inches or something?

Meghann:  Yeah, that’s probably right, most of them are.  So when you come across someone who’s unusually big, it’s very good.

Cecilia:  Not to brag or anything but my boyfriend is, uh, well, he’s really put together nicely. 

Jessica:  You mean he’s hung.

Cecilia:  (laughs)  Um, yeah, you could say that.  And it’s awesome.  I love it… Geez, I shouldn’t tell you this.  I’m already too jealous and possessive about it.

Iliana:  Get over yourself!  (laughs) But let me know when you’re done with him.

What about the matter of length vs. girth?

Jessica:  I’ll take both, please.

Caryn:  That’s what you hear a lot of people say, that girth is just as important, maybe even more so, than length.  I think so, anyway.

Sue: It seems like neither one would matter as much as whether he knows what he’s doing.

Meghann:  Well, as I was saying before, each has its merits.  You get different feelings with large vs. small or thick vs. thin or whatever.  To me, the issue is really how hard he is.   And of course, how involved he is as a lover. Like, is he paying attention to what YOU need and want, and what feels good to you.

Elaine:  Maybe so, I mean, no one likes an oaf lover or selfish lover, but still, the larger size is sexy and very satisfying. 

Iliana:  Right.  If I had to pick either length or thickness, I’d choose thickness.

Jessica:  (laughs) It’s like you’re shopping for the perfect one!

Iliana:  (laughing) Aren’t we all? 

Cecelia:  Both are important, I think. 

Caryn:  Oh, and also, I don’t mind so much if he is on the small side when he’s not aroused, as long as it’s really good when he’s turned on. 

Elaine:  We used to call that “a grower, not a show-er.” 


Does the visual aspect matter to you?

Jessica:  Totally.  I would much rather look at pictures of big, thick ones than wimpy ones.  (shrugs) That’s just me. 

Iliana:  Me, too.

Sue:  I wouldn’t look at pictures of any of them.  They’re all sort of gross.

(general laughter)

Cecilia:  No way! 

Caryn: Honey, maybe you’ve just been really unlucky.

Elaine:  Oh, there’s no doubt that SOME are gross.

Meghann:  But better if it looks good.  To me, that includes different sizes but not anything weird or freakish.

Jessica:  You’ve been with freakish? 

Meghann: (laughs) No, shut up, I just meant I really like the male physique in general.  I like to look.

Iliana:  So do I, unless he’s puny or wormy or something.


How do you think men feel about size?

Elaine:  Oh, they are all worried that they’re too small.

Jessica:  The ones who are nice-sized know it, though.  They’re just confident about it.

Meghann:  Is that where the word “cocky” comes from?  They get confident if they have a big one?

Iliana:  Yeah, I bet that’s it. 

Sue:  I agree that men feel “inadequate” or insecure if they think they are too small.

Caryn:  Right!  Even if they’re average, they can get wigged out about being too small.

Cecelia:  Oh, but if they’re large or above average, they have this thing about having to share the joy or wanting to show it off.  My boyfriend jokes about that. 

Jessica:  You HOPE he is joking.

(general laughter)

Cecelia:  Whatever size, it seems most guys are concerned about it.

What do you think of “male enhancement” products?

Elaine:  Shows that there is a lot of concern about size or ability as a lover.

Jessica:  No, listen, I know this guy who uses that kind of stuff and it’s great, this VigRX thing – VigRX pills.  He has like 5 times the sex drive as before.  Wild man.  I’m here to tell ya, he really is harder.  Rock hard.

Caryn:  No way!

Jessica:  Way.

Iliana:  I know some who use it, too, and I’m all for it.  This older guy I went out with didn’t want to use Viagra so he used VigRX.  Pills and this oil stuff, VigRX Oil, which worked for both of us.

Elaine:  The male oil worked for both of you?

Iliana:  What I mean is, when he uses the oil and can perform better, that’s great for me.  I also think there’s some extra sensation I get when he uses VigRX Oil.

Cecilia: Even my studmuffin boyfriend uses natural products like that.  He just likes the performance aspect, well, I mean, I do, too.  I can tell when he’s using it, because he’s much more of a horn dog and wants it all the time.

Sue:  You poor thing.

Cecilia:  (laughs) No, I love it!  He also has this supplement we both take, which is human growth hormone.  It’s called GenF20 – you can get it online.  It’s good for better sex and every anti-aging  thing you can think of, weight loss, energy, better sleep. So, yeah, I’m totally into the natural supplements.  I’m a supplement believer.

Caryn:  Yeah, I think so, too.  I mean, if it makes him feel better, I say go for it.

Sue:  I’d draw the line at saying that men should really work at it to either increase their size or take extreme measures for better sex.

Elaine:  I don’t know -- look how many women have breast implants. That’s all about feeling attractive, feeling confident and being sexy, right? The numbers are amazing, something like, I don’t know, some big proportion of the population now.  So why shouldn’t men feel that they should go for it if there’s something they can do for their sex appeal and sex life?

Jessica:  Yeah, that’s true. Especially the VigRX approach.  That’s like far less extreme than a boob job, right?  I would never think less of someone for trying to be their best.

Iliana:  Exactly, in fact, I would be open to suggesting it to a guy who didn’t already know about that natural supplement option. 

Our discussion brought up a number of points that are worth recapping here.  First, if one were to make a general statement that applies to most situations, it would be that size does indeed matter.  In addition to the physical enjoyment to the female partner, a man’s size and appearance also contribute to her interest, arousal and feeling of certainty during sex.  After completing this article, I have concluded that my initial hypothesis was right – but that I should continue to do more field research, after all, it’s useful to test these things out for yourself.

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